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Gonna make a lot of different themes for iOS and will make bigger packages in the future. Please donate for more theme releases. Also give me requests if you donate.

DLGMemor Injected - 1.2.1

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Injection library that allows you to alter memory in app. Once installed go into settings go to DLGMemorInjected and select the app you want to hack the memory in. Great alternative to gameplayer, Gamegem and iGameGuardian.  This was uploaded by @MODZ4FUN420 Please send donations to I accept PayPal and Amazon GiftRewards. Buy me a a coffee or something if you want me to help get these goodies. Have a few screenshots in the screenshots section that should help with use of this.To get this updated first add my repo to Cydia and install from there first. Add this source

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Updated for more iOS versions. Now supports iOS 9-11.x.x